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Midwest Motors Has CM Truck Beds Near St. Louis MO - SK Flatbed Model
Midwest Motors in Eureka MO is your home for CM Truck Bed sales and installation! We have a wide selection of aftermarket truck beds, flat beds, service body, utility body, and replacement truck beds for sale at our location near St. Louis. Our crew has years of experience installing flatbeds and flat bed accessories. Looking for a service body or a utility body? Our service body and utility body installs are top notch – we use high quality parts because we know your truck needs to be able to stand up to the work load.

The thing that sets us apart from the others is that we keep CM Truck Beds and Flatbeds in stock at all times – so you don't have to wait weeks for a bed to be ordered, delivered, and installed. We can get your truck set up with a new bed faster than anyone else in the region.

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Recessed Tail, Brake, and Backup LED Lights in Headache Rack
CM Truck Beds have brighter lights and use less power than standard incandescent lights – keeping your vehicle safe and well lit on the road.
Integrated Tube Headache Racks
Using only the strongest, most durable materials, CM Truck Beds have headache racks that work hard to keep you safe.
26,000 lb. Rated B&W Gooseneck Hitch and 7-Way Electrical Plug
Ours is the best in its class, with an independently tested gooseneck hitch built with longevity and durability in mind. Also included is a 7 way electrical plug that gives you plenty of options for power.
4" Steel Channel Frame Rails
4" channel frame rails give your bed a longer life by preventing interior rust and adding durability.
3/8" Side Rub Rails and Stake Pockets
The SK Truck Bed comes with 3/8" side rails and stake pockets. They are DOT approved so you can secure your load with confidence.
1/8" Steel Tread Plated Deck
Made with heavy duty materials for a heavy duty lifestyle, CM Truck Beds can withstand and keep up with even the most strenuous jobs – other makers use 11 and 13 gauge floors that can bend and crack under heavy loads. Ours will last you.
Modular Sealed Wiring Harness
Designed to last through even the toughest jobs, our modular sealed wiring harnesses reduces deterioration and helps put a stop to corrosion and wear.
7-Way Round / 5-Way Flat Electrical Plug
The 7-Way round and 5-Way flat electrical plug system allows you to hook on to any trailer with across-the-board adaptability.
14,500 lb. Rated B&W Bumper Pull Hitch
With an independently rated bumper pull hitch, you'll have best in class towing capacity.
4" Structural Steel Longsills
Structural 4" channel frame rails are stronger, more durable, and prevent any rusting from the interior of the tube.
4 Lockable, Flush Integrated Tool Boxes
Recessed tool box doors provide security and protection from the elements for all of your tools and extra gear. Dual locking latches keep your tools secure and safe – and you can even lock up with a key and padlock loop if you want!
Angled Fuel Fill
An angled fuel fill ensures that while fueling your work truck, you wont end up splashing fuel back on yourself.

RD Model Truck Beds at Midwest Motors In Eureka MO

Midwest Motors Car Dealership in Eureka MO has CM Truck Beds IN STOCK!

Looking for a truck bed in Eureka MO, or simply near St. Louis MO and need a truck bed for your work truck? Midwest Motors is St. Louis Missouri's home for aftermarket truck bed sales and installation. Not only can we order the truck bed you need, we have lots of models IN STOCK and ready to be installed – no more waiting for weeks when you need it now!
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The CM Truck Beds "RD" Model:
Features List:

Safety Inspired Integrated Tube Headache Rack
Designed with the best and strongest materials – CM Truck Beds have Integrated Tube Headache Racks to keep you safe when the unexpected happens. With 3 ½" x 3 ½" tube headache racks, you can be sure you have the best protection in the industry..
Rugged, Durable Powdercoating
Why risk rust with regular paint jobs the other guys offer? CM Truck Beds are coated in powder, so our powdercoat finish gets into every crack and crevice for maximum protection that will last you longer than our competitors.
Steel Channel Frame Rails
With structural 4" channel frame rails, you get a stronger, more durable frame rail that is much less likely to rust from the inside like the competition. In order to keep our product strong and prepared for abuse, we don’t use roll formed runners.
1/4” Rub Rails and Heavy Duty Stake Pockets
More tie down points for straps and harnesses than the other guys – so you can secure your haul and drive wth confidence.
1/8" Steel Tread Plate Deck
Other bodies on the market which use 11 gauge and 13 gauge floors. CM Truck Beds use a 1/8” Steel Tread Plate Deck that can handle the use and abuse you put your truck through every day on the job.
26,000 lb. rated B&W Gooseneck Hitch and 7-Way Electrical Plug
Our beds uses an independently tested durable gooseneck hitch, and holds a 7 way electrical plug to give you plenty of options for power.
Industry Leading Sealed Wiring Harness
CM Truck Beds are equipped with a Modular Sealed Wiring Harness that is designed to reduce corrosion, wear and tear, and the elements.
14,500 lb. Rated B&W Bumper Pull Hitch
Best in class towing capacity with an independently tested pull hitch - integrated into the entire frame.
7 Way Round / 5 Way Flat Electrical Plug
Hook on to any trailer with this standard feature – you don't have to fidget with anything, just plug and play!
LED DOT Required Lighting
Keep yourself, passengers, other motorists, and your cargo safe with our newly redesigned and very bright LED lighting. They also have the advantage of using less power than regular incandescent lighting – and last years longer!
3” Steel Roll-Formed 3/16” Channel Crossmembers
CM Truck Beds and Midwest Motors are proud to offer one the most durable subframes in the industry.
4" Structural Steel Channel Frame Rails
Our 4” Structural Steel Channel Frame Rails are incredibly durable and have extra protection to keep the inside rust free.
Angled Fuel Fill
CM Truck Bed's angled fuel fill system makes sure you dont get gasoline splashback – just another feature that makes CM Truck Beds the most versative and convenience focused beds in the industry.
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