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Buy Your Used Car at Saint Louis' Hometown Dealership - Midwest Motors

If you are looking for great deals and savings on a used car, Midwest Motors near St. Louis is your hometown dealer! We have a large selection of cars and trucks to choose from. Everything from economy cars priced under $7000 to luxury sedans from brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW. Our experienced technicians have worked with all makes and models and service every vehicle we buy before it goes on the lot for sale. We want to be sure we send you home with a vehicle that is clean, reliable, and affordable!  

So whether you need a cheap car for the college student, or an executive sedan to look your best - Midwest Motors has been helping St. Louis buy used cars since the 90s! Don't see your dream car on our lot? Let us know! We can even find and stock the car you've been looking for! 

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Buy Used Truck St. Louis

Buying a Used Truck In St. Louis

Are you looking for a used truck near St. Louis? Midwest Motors, just outside of Saint Louis in Eureka is your home for used trucks – we specialize in them! If you look at other St. Louis used truck dealers, you'll see that only Midwest Motors in Eureka has a large selection of used trucks and work vehicles. If you're starting a business, we'd love to speak with you – we have plenty of options to start your own vehicle fleet so you can hit the streets sooner. We can even equip your trucks with CM Flatbeds, we have a huge selection of flatbeds as well as trucks already equipped with CM and Knapheide flatbeds.

Whatever your needs are, Midwest Motors in Eureka takes pride in our inventory. We service every vehicle we buy before it goes on the lot. This way we can be sure that we are selling our customers a reliable and work-ready truck. We look forward to serving you!

Midwest Motors

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Same Day Tire Installations! Why Wait?

Buy and Install Tires at Midwest Motors - Often In The Same Day!

Depending on which tires you need, we can often times order your tires and install them on the same day. This is something that not even JiffyLube or AutoTire can always do! We work directly with a warehouse and distributor so we can simply give them a call and pick up the tires you're looking for in the same day. Specialty tires and tires for rarer vehicles might take a little longer, but we take great pride in saving our customers time AND money. So please, give us a call if you are looking for a tire shop in St. Louis, tire install in Saint Louis, or have questions about tires near Eureka MO. We've been serving Saint Louis MO for over 25 years! 
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Rebuild Your Credit Score With Midwest Motors

Rebuild Your Credit With A Vehicle From Midwest Motors!

 Bad Credit? No Credit? Bankruptcy? Repossession?
Let us help you get approved on the car you want to buy, rather than other dealers who try to put you in a different car. We have worked with all kinds of credit, from first time buyers to people with nearly perfect credit scores. Don't shop at the buy here pay here lots that want to overcharge and take advantage of you. We know that buying a car is a big decision, so we want you to feel as comfortable as possible with your purchase! 

 Simply click the link below to apply!
Apply here: 

Give us a call at (636) 938-5777!

See Our Satisfied Customer Reviews!

See Why Our Customers Always Come Back To Midwest Motors!
There's a reason that people return to Midwest Motors for their car, truck, work truck, CM Flat bed, and more. We treat our customers right. And it shows! 

Anonymous User
I purchased a 2007 Ford Ranger at Midwest Motors and had nothing but a pleasant experience with all the staff. The vehicle I bought was well displayed as well as the entire inventory. The store was clean and comfortable. I continue to have preventive maintenance done on both of my vehicles. I have referred this place to friends and family, both of which have had service done or purchased vehicles there.
I recommend them to everybody.

Jim N.
I've been doing business with these guys for nearly five years -- bought a few cars, and now that they have a top of the line service department, they do all of the service work we need at very reasonable prices. Shop the new car dealerships all you want, but if you want a reasonably priced like-new vehicle for a fraction of the cost, there's no better place. Thanks Midwest!

Larry Y. Great buying experience! They have a good selection, and I found a great truck in my price range. J, my salesman, was helpful, kind and professional. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a great buying experience!

Elizabeth K.
Found the car of my dreams from a state away! Painless buying experience with fair pricing. Loving my Jag...Thanks, J!!!

Kirk S.
great experience great folks, and they stand behind their vehicles, I would recommend them to anybody

Karen B.
What a great dealership. They make the experience a pleasure. My salesman, J, is so helpful, kind and patient. The owners of the place are present, and friendly, and my experience with their service department was fast, yet through and a very good experience. I would recommend this place to anyone needing an car, truck or service!

Buying a Work Truck Near St. Louis, MO?

Are You Looking For A Work Truck In St. Louis, MO?

Look no further! Midwest Motors, located near St. Louis in Eureka MO has a huge inventory of trucks, work trucks, diesel trucks, flatbeds, service bodies, and more. Whether you're looking for a Ford F-450 or a Dodge 4500, we can help. For over 20 years, Midwest Motors has been helping small businesses and large businesses with their vehicle fleet. We have experienced mechanics and technicians on staff that service every truck we get before it goes on the lot for sale. And we have an eye for trucks - we've focused on trucks since the 90s! 

Vehicles we regularly keep in stock:
  • Ford F-350
  • Ford F-450
  • Ford F-550
  • Chevy 3500
  • Chevy 4500
  • Chevy 5500
  • Dodge 3500
  • Dodge 4500
  • Dodge 5500
  • Knapheide Trucks
  • CM Flatbed Trucks

We want to thank you for choosing Midwest Motors as your dealership for work trucks, fleet services, and more. Even if you aren't sure what you want, or aren't sure what you need - come in or give us a call at (636) 938-5777, we can help you determine which truck best suits your needs and your budget. From brand new startups to long standing businesses, we've helped so many people find work trucks for the "long haul". We look forward to serving you!

Buying A Car With Your Tax Refund

Using Your Tax Refund to SAVE on your Next Car

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the average federal tax refund is about $3,000. Many people wonder "What is the best way to spend this money?" However, did you know that using this money on a down payment for your next car could save you money over time?

Tax returns are seen as a kind of "bonus money", but it's really just money you get back from your taxes. The thing is, it changes and fluxuates, so most people dont include tax return numbers in their personal budgeting - so it ends up feeling like a big bonus! 

Here are some easy tips when it comes to buying a used car with your tax return.

1. Try to put as much down as you can
2. Bundle your refund with other options like a trade in
3. Play with the down payment to see different monthly payment options
4. Check your credit score and resolve any issues if possible
5. Be aware of all of your monthly bills and payments

1. Put down as much as you can
Having a large down payment is one of the most important things you can do when securing an auto loan. If you have low or poor credit, using your tax return as down payment could make it easier to get financed. It will also dramatically lower your monthly payment!

2. Bundle your refund
Save even more on your monthly payments when you combine your refund as a downpayment and include a trade in - you'll be surprised over how much money you'll save monthly!

3. Play with the down payment to see different monthly payment options
Depending on how much you put down, the monthly payment amounts will fluctuate - but so will your interest rate! So play around with the numbers a bit so you have a good idea of your options. 

4. Check your credit score
Using websites like, you can check your credit score instantly. Some things to be aware of would be marks on your credit from missed payments or hard inquiries on your credit. If you do have a missed payment, and have a good reason for missing the payment, you can write to the debt collector in what's called a "Goodwill Letter" to appeal to have the bad marks removed. 

5. Be aware of your costs and bills
Take special note of how much money you're spending per month. This should help you determine the amount of money you can safely spend on a car every month while still having enough left over for the other expenses in your life. 

Here at Midwest Motors in Eureka, we want to help you get into a great used car with your tax return! We have Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Mercedes, BMW, Infiniti, Jeep, and so many more models to choose from. Click above to view our inventory, and give us a call to get into a brand new car with your brand new tax refund!

How Does A Turbo Diesel Engine Work?

How Does a Diesel Turbocharger Work?

A turbocharger is made up of two main sections: the turbine and the compressor. The turbine consists of the turbine wheel (1) and the turbine housing (2). It is the job of the turbine housing to guide the exhaust gas (3) into the turbine wheel. The energy from the exhaust gas turns the turbine wheel, and the gas then exits the turbine housing through an exhaust outlet area (4).

The compressor also consists of two parts: the compressor wheel (5) and the compressor housing (6). The compressor’s mode of action is opposite that of the turbine. The compressor wheel is attached to the turbine by a forged steel shaft (7), and as the turbine turns the compressor wheel, the high-velocity spinning draws in air and compresses it. The compressor housing then converts the high-velocity, low-pressure air stream into a high-pressure, low-velocity air stream through a process called diffusion. The compressed air (8) is pushed into the engine, allowing the engine to burn more fuel to produce more power.

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